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Welcome to FL!P. We are a full-service curated retail platform that handpicks the best brands in order to ensure we maintain the highest-quality product offerings for our Customers. Simply ship your inventory to a local Fl!p Fulfillment Center and we’ll take care of the rest; We pick, pack, ship, and deliver with Fulfilled-by-Fl!p (FBF), and we even handle returns, and customer service. It’s the easiest way to reach our highly engaged shoppers.

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Easily launch on Flip! Our frictionless sign-on process allows you to be live on the platform in just 7 days! We have no upfront fees, you simply pay a Retailer Fee from the sale of each product based on your SRP for each product, with no chargeback on returns. Fl!p absorbs all costs associated with the fulfillment of the individual products sent to the customers including shipping and any customer returns. Simply complete the form to get started.


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